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Audiology Resources has developed a low cost, remote operational practice review process that allows us to evaluate and provide guidance and feedback related to all of the compliance, reimbursement, coding and operational aspects of your practice.

The review will specifically outline your areas of concern and opportunities for growth. It will also contain links to all of the appropriate statutes governing your practice.

All of our projects are driven by the specific, individual needs of you and your practice. All proposals are created on a “shopping list” format so you can select what specific items, if any, you would like for us to develop for you and your practice. All processes, policies, forms and documents are customized to your practice and its individual needs. They will also be provided to you in a format that can easily be changed or modified.

Audiology Resources can provide the following individualized items and services to your practice:
  • Coding, Billing, Insurance, Compliance, and Reimbursement Guidance
  • Remote and Onsite Operational Needs Assessments and Reviews of your Practice Operations, Compliance, Productivity and Profitability
  • Individualized Training and Educational Events and Support
  • Insurance Contract Review and Negotiation Support
  • Insurance Verification Processes and Protocols
  • Office Workflow, Policies and Processes
  • Procedural and Protocol Manuals
  • Unbundled/Itemized Price Formula and Processes
  • Over the Counter Device Pricing and Implementation
  • Procedure, Hearing Aid, Service And Accessory Pricing
  • Specific Insurance Case Review
  • Audit Review and Guidance

Consulting costs begin at $200 per prorated hour.  Please contact us for an individualized proposal to meet your needs.