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 2019 Training Events

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Newark/NYC Event – April 25-26, 2019

Tempe/Phoenix Event – September 12-13, 2019

Chicago/2020 Jump Start – December 5-6, 2019

Recorded Version of 2019 Live Stream Boot Camp 

Changes for 2019:
  • Participants will be broken into small groups during the ethics, coding and insurance discussions and will work through guided, real-world case scenarios (face to face events only).
  • After the course, Audiology Resources will create a closed group for the course attendees on both Linkedin and Facebook. This group will be monitored by Dr. Cavitt and will allow for continued group discussion following the event. These groups will be functional for the entirety of the six month guidance window. 

Boot Camp FAQs:

What are the ways I can access Audiology Resources Boot Camp Information?

The Audiology Resources Boot Camp information is available by the following means:

  • Live Streamed from Chicago: In this event, Kim Cavitt, AuD and her course moderator and partner in audiology crime, Brian Urban, AuD from CounselEar, present the boot camp live from Chicago. Audiology Resources has secured the services of the production team at Mainstream Media, which allows attendees to view the event, in real time, from their home or office. Questions can be asked, via a chat feature.  All questions are also answered, in writing, by Dr. Cavitt after the event and emailed to attendees. Registration for this event includes six months of no-charge guidance and questions (if the registrant purchases a full, two-day package).
  • Live, Face to Face Events: In these events, Kim Cavitt, AuD presents the boot camp materials in a traditional, classroom style format. These two-day events are held in a hotel meeting room and attendees receive breakfast, lunch, and a no charge slide booklet. Registration for this event includes six months of no-charge guidance and questions (if the registrant purchases a full, two-day package).
  • Video Recording: This is the recorded version of the live stream event and can be purchased through our host system, Thinkific. Attendees can view the course, from their home or office, at their own pace. Registrants have six months from the date of purchase to view the course materials. Participants must complete a course assessment before continuing education credit can be awarded. Registration for this event includes six months of no-charge guidance and questions.
  • Audiology Online webinar series: The majority of the Audiology Resources Boot Camp is recorded every three years (we re-recorded in the first quarter of 2018) and is available on Audiology Online. These courses can be accessed at These course offerings do not include any degree of no-charge questions or guidance.

What is the cost of each type of event?

  • Live Stream: $695-$795 plus $20-50 (including shipping) for a flash drive or printed Boot Camp Slide and Reference Booklet. If you do not purchase the booklet, the slides will be available, for a limited time, via PDF.
  • Live Events: $595, includes breakfast, lunch, and slide booklet. Each separate topic section is available, for individual purchase, for $350 for one day, for those who do not wish to attend the entire event.
  • Video Recording: $575.  This is a recorded version of the February 25-26, 2019 Live Stream Boot Camp. This purchase  includes six months, from the date of purchase, of online access and six months of no charge questions and guidance.
  • Audiology Online: $0 if not pursuing continuing education credit, otherwise $99 per year for unlimited course access and continuing education.

Is every boot camp the same?

Yes and No.  All of the main topics and themes are the same in a given year but, as this information is constantly evolving, the information is always updated immediately prior to each event.  On average, we change about 40-60 slides at each event.

I cannot attend for two days.  Can I attend for part of the event?

 Yes, registrants can separately purchase one-day attendance or the recorded version of the event.

What are the Learning Outcomes for the Boot Camp?

Participants will be able to:

  • List the 18 pieces of protected health information.
  • Describe how the anti-kickback statute applies to audiology.
  • List the eight warning signs of ear disease.
  • List the place of service codes most commonly used by audiologists.
  • Describe how to code different types of hearing loss.
  • Define numerous managed care terms.
  • List the Medicare coverage requirements.
  • Describe the different Medicare enrollment options.
  • Describe how to evaluate a managed care agreement.
  • Describe the differences between bundled and unbundled pricing.
  • Describe how to calculate their own breakeven amount.
  • List various basic health screenings.

What types of continuing education credits are offered?

In 2019, Audiology Resources is offering continuing education approved by:

  • American Academy of Audiology, including Tier 1 and ethics credits (if register for the ethics, legal and compliance section).  These hours are applicable to most state licensure requirements.
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

What topics are covered in the event?

Ethics, Legalities and Compliance

Codes of ethics of audiology

Ethical scenarios

Published professional guidelines for audiology

State licensure laws pertaining to audiology

Sunshine Act


Stark laws

False claims

Food and Drug Administration guidance on hearing aids



Documentation and report writing

Fundamentals of Coding

CPT coding

Coding scenarios




Evaluation and management coding for audiologists

Case history

Health care reform: MACRA, PQRS and MIPS

Managed Care

Managed care terms

Insurance contracting

Insurance credentialing

Coverage and reimbursement tips

Third-party administrators/Provider Networks

Billing hearing aids to third-parties

Notifications and waivers

CMS 1500 form requirements

Medicare enrollment

Medicare policies

Medicare physician order requirements


Place of service

Medicare Part C

Pricing, Delivery and Differentiation 

Disruptions and differentiation


Pricing strategies for diagnostics and treatment, including hearing aids

Bundled and unbundled pricing models

Implementation of unbundled pricing

Implementation of over the counter options

Rental options

Does Audiology Resources have any disclosures?

Audiology Resources, Inc. (ownership)

Northwestern University (adjunct faculty)

Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Michigan Audiology Coalition and AudiologyOnline (consulting)

Illinois Academy of Audiology, Illinois Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology, Audiology Quality Consortium, American Speech Language Hearing Association Audiology Group, and Academy of Doctors of Audiology (volunteer activities)